1. Abstreifer Glattwalze
  2. Messertrommelboden*
  3. Leitblech*
  4. Grasschachtrückwand*
  5. –   
  6. Beschleunigerrückwand*
  7. Turm Schachtblech vorn/hinten*
  8. Drehkranzplatte*
  9. Erstes Verschleißblech Auswurfkrümmer*


  1. Wear ribs, serrated/smooth for lower feed roller
  2. Drum roller stripper bar
  3. Knife drum concave*
  4. Vanes*
  5. Grass chute back panel*
  6. Buckets
  7. Crop accelerator housing, two-part*
  8. Crop accelerator housing side wall, left/right*
  9. Accelerator rear panel*
  10. Lower discharge chute plate, front/rear*
  11. Discharge chute rotation ring plate*
  12. Wear plates, upper discharge chute*
  13. Wear plates, upper discharge chute flap

CLAAS PREMIUM LINE parts provide very high wear resistance and a long service life, so that in many cases it is not necessary for them to be replaced until after several campaigns. This increased durability is made possible by special manufacturing processes and high-quality materials.

In addition to the quality of the basic material, the coating and the way it is processed contribute to the wear-resistance of the parts. As a result, the top quality PREMIUM LINE parts are significantly more durable than standard parts. In general, the objective is for PREMIUM LINE parts to attain a service life which is at least twice or three times that of standard parts. Our practical experience shows that this objective is indeed attained and we are able to guarantee it.

Parts marked with * have guaranteed wear resistance of 3,000 hours of engine operation or five years of use (depending on which limit is attained first)

Extract from the warranty conditions (the warranty conditions available from the relevant CLAAS dealer also apply):

  • Exclusively for factory-fitted PREMIUM LINE crop flow parts
  • Activation of Remote Service is required
  • Annual post-harvest check by CLAAS or CLAAS service partner is required
  • Replacement of completely worn parts only; warranty does not apply to wear caused by foreign objects or incorrect use

Warranty validity in CLAAS sales region:

  • Central Europe / Western Europe from production year 2019
  • Eastern Europe from production year 2022
  • USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa from production year 2019 for a maximum of 1,500 hours of engine operation or three years of use (depending on which limit is attained first)